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The Beautiful Land of Scandinavia

Tour Description

This 11 days trip offers you the chance to experience the beautiful land of Scandinavia by visiting three of the most famous European countries: Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The Nordic countries don’t only impress through history and tradition, but they will also amaze you with their luxury and refinement. At the end of this unique journey it will be impossible for you not to fall in love with the modest, northern people and their timeless culture.

The journey starts in Stockholm, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful capitals in the north. Being an example of the perfect balance between old and new, Stockholm will offer you the chance of unique experiences, such as a boat ride in the islands that form the Archipelago.

Oslo is the most joyful city in the north, being full of life and touristic attractions. Make sure you do not miss the ice bar before going on a wonderful trip to Bygdøy Island, where you will visit the Viking Museum. Here you will admire three Viking boats and many artifacts from the Golden Age of Vikings. Also, you will visit the Fram Museum, Kon-Tiki Museum and the Holocaust Centre.

From Oslo, you will cross the mountains to Sogndal, where you will visit the highest glacier in Europe – Jostedal glacier. And if you’ve thought that it is impossible to see even more amazing attractions, you will be surprised by the “Eggya”, a stone with runic inscriptions that was discovered in 1917. From Flåm to Myrdal you will cross a spectacular narrow pass with the most famous train in Europe – the Flåm. Ascending 850 m in 50 minutes, the Flåm is an international touristic attraction.

You will then head for Bergen, also known as “The Gate to Fjords”. After visiting the former capital of Norway, you will return to Oslo, from where you will embark The Pearl of Scandinavia, the luxury cruise ship that will take you to Copenhagen. In the capital of Denmark you will enjoy a walking tour during which you will see some of the most important monuments: “The Little Mermaid”, the symbol of the city, The Marble Dome, The Opera House, The Glyptotek and the Tivoli Park.

Idyllic landscapes, high mountains, endless lakes and picturesque restaurants in some of the most famous harbors in the north – Scandinavia has it all and you can enjoy it during an 11 days trip.


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