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France, Wine Region of Bordeaux

Tour Description

If you have always been fascinated by Alexandre Dumas’ novels, now it is the time to trace back the history of France and let yourself be enveloped by the romantic, mysterious atmosphere that only the French land is able to induce. All these, and even more, in this fantastic tour of 12 days, but not before you have indulged into some passionate flamenco in the heart of Barcelona.

The journey starts in Barcelona, where you will have the opportunity to admire Gaudi’s masterpiece, La Sagrada Familia, and dine in the famous Gothic Quarter. You can’t say you have been to Spain if you don’t enjoy a traditional, flamenco show that will keep you up till late at night, making you understand what the expression “joie de vivre” really means. After all, you’re only preparing for a long, adventurous trip to France.

You will begin the tour of France with the medieval cities of Perpignan and Carcassonne, also having the chance to visit the Rocamadour citadel in the Dordogne Valley, famous for its Sanctuary of the Black Madonna. You will then head to Bordeaux, where the journey in the passionate realm of fine wine begins. From now on you will have endless opportunities of wine tasting, one of the reasons for which you will fall in love with Bordeaux and dream to come back. The trip continues with Bazas and St.-Jean de Luz, from where you can embark on an optional cruise to the small burg of Socoa. The burg was built to protect St.-Jean de Luz from the Spanish invasions.

In St. Emilion you will not taste only white, sweet wine, but also the traditional foix gras – goose paté. The combination is, of course, to die for. After more wine tasting in Monbazilliac, you will head for the land of fine cognac – Cognac and Jarnac. The experience of cognac tasting will enchant you even more after you visit the distillation factory in Jarnac, where you will see the traditional process of obtaining this divine drink.

Visiting medieval cities, listening to legends about Ludovic IV and Napoleon, tasting the finest wines… the Bordeaux region can offer you everything you need for an interesting, romantic trip. You can be sure that you won’t forget these experiences too easy, especially because they’ll make you see life itself in a different light.


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