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The Nordic Capitals of Scandinavia

Tour Description

Cold, pure and highly refined – the northern part of Europe will enchant you will fairytale-like landscapes, high mountains, and endlessly green woods. This trip of 9 days and 8 nights in Scandinavia offers you the chance to visit and enjoy four of the most famous capitals in the world: Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen. Full of history and tradition, the Scandinavian countries are also very modern and sophisticated, a fact that you’ll understand after you enjoy two luxury cruises.

This unforgettable trip starts with Helsinki, the capital of Finland. A long, relaxing walking tour will give you the chance to visit important and famous monuments, such as Uspenski Orthodox Cathedral, The Lutheran Cathedral, The Finlandia Hall and The Sibelius Park. You won’t have time to get enough of Helsinki, for you will head for the second Nordic capital, Stockholm, on a luxury cruise. A royal dinner and the finest entertainment you have ever dreamt of will make you fully enjoy this unique cruise.

Also called “The Venice of the North”, Stockholm is found in an archipelago of 24.000 islands. History will unfold in front of your eyes while exploring the oldest part of the city, Gamla Stan, with its restaurants, bars and coffee shops. During a walking tour with a guide you will see some of the most important buildings in Sweden: The City Hall, where the Nobel Prize ceremony is held each year and The Royal Palace, which is currently the largest royal residence in the world.

The next stop is Oslo, also known as “The Northern City of Lights”, for it is full of life and happiness – an exotic oasis in the middle of endless lakes and woods. A walk on the famous Karl Johan Street will allow you to admire some of the most important buildings in Oslo, while the modern city centre, Akker Brygge will seduce you with its bars and restaurants. You will also have the unique opportunity to visit the Viking Museum, on Bygdøy Island, where you will see three Viking boats discovered in the Oslo Fjord.

The Pearl of Scandinavia will take you from Oslo to Copenhagen, on a luxury night cruise, the second in this program. You will get to understand the culture of the Danish Kingdom by visiting the “Little Mermaid”, the symbol of Copenhagen, and by enjoying a trip to Elsinore, where you will see the Castle of Kronberg, the place where the tragedy of Hamlet unfolded.

This trip to Scandinavia has prepared so many unique experiences and opportunities that you must simply indulge in your passion for idyllic places and cultural attractions.


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