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The Royal Capitals of Scandinavia in 7 Days

Tour Description

The northern part of Europe has always fascinated through its frozen landscapes, wide lakes and endless, green forests. This trip to Scandinavia will offer you the opportunity to visit three of the most important Nordic capitals: Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen. Each having their share of old and new, these three cities impress not only through their natural, cold beauty, but through their history and culture as well.

The journey will begin in Stockholm, also known as “The Venice of the North”, for it is placed in the middle of an archipelago of 24.000 islands. During the walking tour of the city you will visit some of the most important touristic objectives and the oldest part of the city, Gamla Stan, which will take you back to the Middle Ages. The City Hall, The Royal Palace, The University, The Dramatic Theatre and the Vasa Museum are only some of the buildings you will admire during your stay here.

From Stockholm you will head for Oslo, the capital of the Norwegian Kingdom. A walking tour on the famous Karl Johan Street will be enough for you to see some of the most important buildings and monuments in Oslo, from which we mention: The Cathedral, The National Theatre and The Parliament. The harbor, which is placed on the shore of the marvelous Oslo Fjord will give you the chance to enjoy the shops, the restaurants and the frenetic life here.

One of the greatest surprises of this trip will surely be the luxury cruise form Oslo to Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. The night cruise with The Pearl of Scandinavia will offer you the unique chance of enjoying a “royal” dinner on the ship, as well as fine restaurants and a disco. With such entertainment at your disposal, which lasts till morning, it is hard to believe you will prefer to sleep.

The visit of Copenhagen will begin with a walking tour, during which you will admire fascinating buildings and places, such as The City Hall, The Harbor, The Anglican Church and, most importantly, “The Little Mermaid”, the symbol of the city.

Offering you luxury and exotic landscapes, the trip to Scandinavia will feel like a fairytale you will not want to finish reading and like a dream you will not want to escape.


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