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The Royal Capitals of Scandinavia in 8 Days

Tour Description

When Scandinavia is mentioned, most of us picture a cold, frozen land, forgetting the fact that the northern part of Europe is actually full of life, beautifully lit streets, fine restaurants and kind, modest people. This trip offers you the chance to visit three of the most beautiful European cities – Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen – which will surely change your vision of the Nordic countries. You will simply understand that not only Latin people like to enjoy luxury and wealth.

Considered to be one of the most beautiful capitals in the world, Stockholm rests in the middle of an archipelago formed by 24.000 islands. It is a city for all tastes: for those who are passionate about history, they can have a traditional meal in the ancient catacombs, while the ones who prefer modern life, they can choose to enjoy a drink at the ice bar. Aside from all the important buildings and monuments you’re going to see during the walking tour, you will also have the possibility to visit the island that hosts the current residence of the royal family – The Drottningholm Palace.

Oslo is the next capital on the list, with its green forests and wide lakes. Also known as “The Northern City of Lights”, Oslo will take you back in time to the world of Vikings, if you choose to visit the Viking Museum, on the Bygdøy Island, where you will admire 3 Viking boats that were found in the Oslo Fjord. When you have your share of history, Akker Brygge, the modern centre of the city, will enchant you with its shops, traditional restaurants and bars.

The journey from Oslo to Copenhagen will be a special one: you will get to enjoy a night cruise with the luxurious Pearl of Scandinavia. On board, you will be served a “royal” dinner while you’ll be invited to join the different kinds of entertainment provided just for you. Don’t hesitate to spend your entire night at the disco or in the fine restaurants on the ship.

Once in Copenhagen, the capital of the Danish Kingdom will seduce you in an instant. During the city tour you will visit the most important buildings and places, full of life and history: The City Hall, The Harbor with “The Little Mermaid” – the symbol of Copenhagen – The Anglican Church, Rosenborg Palace and Amalienborg Palace, which is the current residence of the royal family,

At the end of this journey through Sweden, Norway and Denmark, you will better understand the Nordic culture and the beauty that hides behind the apparent coldness. The kind, calm and smiling people will warm your heart and make you wish you’d never have to leave these places.


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