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Turkey, The Fascinating Cappadocia

Tour Description

A country full of history, culture, monuments and incredible landscapes, Turkey will show you how spirituality can cohabit with luxury, both of them working together to offer you an unforgettable experience in the heart of an oriental paradise. Starting with Istanbul, the city of Constantine, and continuing with Cappadocia, “the cradle of Christianity”, you will have the opportunity to indulge in adventure, traditions and beauty while visiting both opulent buildings and natural wonders of the world.

Istanbul, or “the Gate of the Orient”, as it has been called, is city that will introduce you to what Turkey has to offer. You can start your exploration with a cruise on the shores of Bosphorus, during which you will admire palaces, houses and historical monuments such as the Galata Tower, Rumeli Hisari Fortress, Dolmbasce Palace and Ciragan Saray.

Visiting the former Constantinople will be like a trip back to Constantine’s time, the Emperor who founded the capital of two empires: Byzantine and Ottoman. You will also see the famous St. Sophia Cathedral that was first an orthodox church, later on a mosque and nowadays a museum, as well as The Blue Mosque and the Topkapi Palace with its four courts. If in Istanbul you are impressed by the medieval, baroque buildings, in Cappadocia you will be amazed by the wonders nature can create.

Also knows as “the land of beautiful horses and lunar landscapes”, Cappadocia will offer you the chance to see some of the most extraordinary valleys in the world. You will start with the Outdoor Museum from Goreme, only to continue with even more amazing experiences: the underground city of Kaymakly. Having eight underground levels, this was a refuge for the first Christians and, later on, it offered protection against the Arabian invasions. Even if only four levels are open to the public, you will be impressed by the endless galleries that are connected to each other, spreading for kilometers.

And when you think that it’s impossible to see something more beautiful than Kaymakly, you will visit the Ihlara Canyon. Out of the 60 churches carved in stone from the Ihlara Canyon, only 12 are open to the tourists, but it is enough to feel the peace, the echoes of all the prayers that used to be chanted here and the pure presence of God.

Luxury, serenity, wealth and simplicity… Istanbul and Cappadocia won’t cease to surprise you with contradictory feelings. All you can do is give in to Turkey and enjoy every moment of it.


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